The 4 types of mooring system arrangements that are typically used are the following:

1. High modulus synthetic fibre rope with tail.
The high modulus (HM) synthetic fibre main line boasts wire-like strength and elongation properties. It therefore requires the use of a tail as the sacrificial element to absorb shocks and protect the low-weight, high-performance main mooring line.

2. Wire main line with tail.
Due to the negligible elasticity of the main wire-based line, an elastic tail is required to absorb the forces while the ship is berthed.

3. High tenacity synthetic fibre rope.
High tenacity (HT) synthetic fibre ropes boast elongation properties that allow them to easily absorb the forces of moderate swells when moored.

4. High tenacity synthetic fibre rope main line with tail.
For situations where the mooring system needs to deal with greater forces and shock loads, a HT synthetic fibre main line can be paired with a tail to take the brunt of the force and thereby protect the main mooring line from unnecessary wear , (+30) 69522 90682-3-4