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Easy monitoring software – SAFE LINE

Rope health monitoring can be achieved with a simple evaluation software, the SAFE LINE, which assesses full management, track line usage and mooring line condition, in order to, reliably and safely, indicate whether the replacement of your mooring lines and tails is necessary, according to MEG4.
This software has the form of a smart phone application that enables easy and flexible implementation of visual inspection on board. The software can also be connected with your shipping company and the Black Rope, for full mooring lines management.

We have the ability to offer our valued customers a complete mooring management system at the minimum cost for their maximum safety.
We can offer unique monitoring and management services with the use of software tools that we have specially designed to respond to the demands of the shipping industry, always fully complying with the latest OCIMF regulations regarding MEG4.
We can also provide specialized mooring rope consultancy for all types of commercial vessels like Tankers, LNG, LPG, Bulk-carriers, Containerships, Tug boats as well as for Cruise ships.