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HMPE Mooring Ropes


Our S12®  HMPE mooring ropes are made of high-strength UHMWPE thread, utilizing accumulated rope design and manufacturing technology. S12® HMPE mooring ropes have the highest strength per unit weight. They grant higher strength than steel wire ropes of similar size, and at the same time they are significantly lighter. Their weight is approximately 1/8 when compared to the latter. BLACK ROPE’s unique coating treatment and special heat treatment provide excellent wear resistance. In particular, S12® HMPE ropes, thanks to Heat Setting Procedures, are suitable for high temperture environments where creep may occur. 

Moreover, BLACK ROPE can offer premium Dyneema® fiber ropes in order to meet your fleet’s requirements to the fullest. 


  • Maximum strength to weight ratio. It is comparable to steel wire ropes
  • Lowest enlongation
  • Longer lifetime and easy handling
  • Superior abrasion resistance
  • Non-kinking and non-rotational
  • Easy to splice


  • Mooring lines
  • Anchor lines
  • Lifting sling & nets
  • Towing ropes
  • Heaving ropes
  • Tug ropes

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