Prodromou 65, Nicosia 2063, Cyprus


Our purpose at BLACK ROPE is to provide services that fully satisfy the needs and expectations of our customers, with guaranteed and continuously improved quality, always complying with the requirements applicable to BLACK ROPE (Authorities and other Interested Parties).

Our Objective Purposes :

  • The provision of high quality products and services
  • Quick and efficient customer service, resulting in an increase in the degree of satisfaction and elimination of any complaints
  • The expansion of our clientele, for the existing products and services, but also through expansion into new products and/or services and/or countries
  • Compliance with the relevant (environmental and other) Laws and Regulations of Greece, the European Union and the International Treaties of which Greece is a signatory and any client specified environmental requirements
  • To educate, train and motivate employees to conduct their activities in a quality and environmental responsible manner. To ensure that all employees understand our Quality and Environmental Policy and conform to the high standards required
  • Wherever possible, to reduce the effect on the environment by recycling used materials
  • To minimise waste by implementing e.g. a paperless system where possible and evaluate operations, ensuring they are as efficient as possible
  • Monitor energy consumption on a regular basis and implement appropriate energy reduction and efficiency improvement programs
  • Continuous improvement of our environment performance with a view to reduce significant environmental impacts; That is why, ΒLACK ROPE’s Environmental Objectives and Targets are updated at least once per year, during the Management Review Meeting
  • Also review on quality performance on a regular basis and implement procedures to ensure continuous improvement


To achieve the above, the Company has documented and implements a Quality and Environmental Management System (QEMS), in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 Standards.

The QEMS is the tool for the development and improvement of the Organization in the context of the purpose of its establishment and has the full support of the Administration in matters of resources – means for its effective implementation and improvement.

This Policy which has established by the Organization, is understood by all staff and its fulfillment is a constant and permanent concern.