Freatidos Avenue 18, 18537 Piraeus, Greece

A steel wire rope factory of a professional and advanced level in China, with an annual design capacity of 100000t. The products cover all the sizes from Φ1.8mm to Φ260mm with various point and line contacts wire rope, compacted strand wire rope and steel cable which are widely used in the field of metallurgy, machinery, construction, shipbuilding, transportation, mining industry, petroleum, marine engineering, etc

It possesses the largest rope machine, type KS8/2500, with a maximum capacity of 350t, which is specially used to produce overlong and overweight rope of large diameter. J&L also has the greatest number of KGT72/630 basket stranding machines which are used to produce multi-thread contacts wire rope and large diameter wire rope with single-strand.

MOORING wire ropes
HOISTING wire ropes