Preparation and installation of mooring line

Preparing the environment where the mooring system is to be deployed is the first step in maximizing the service life of the mooring line system. All surfaces and equipment that the mooring line may come into contact with on the vessel’s deck must be carefully inspected and prepared. Before installation commences, all surfaces must be smooth and free of:
• Rust
• Snags
• Burrs
• Scoring
• Any other types of sharp edges or irregularities
All rollers/sheaves used, such as on fairleads, should also be checked to ensure they roll freely, and all further deck equipment is to be inspected.
When installing the mooring system, it is vital to ensure that all installation instructions provided by the manufacturer are followed in detail.

Installation instructions

Short lengths of ropes may be rolled off from the ground. Never uncoil braided rope from the inside!

Ropes can be unwound from a drum. A temporary brake ensures the line will remain taut.

Ropes can be uncoiled by using a turning base. Never uncoil braided rope from a lying position! , (+30) 69522 90682-3-4