How to select the optimal mooring system

As a first general rule of thumb, only ropes holding the appropriate certificates of makers and never of intermediary suppliers should be considered for deployment in mooring line systems. Obtaining the appropriate mooring system for the job means that the system’s service life can potentially be dramatically enhanced and also ensures a maximum level of safety, which ultimately boosts cost efficiency.
It is strongly advised that “mixed mooring” set-ups should not be used. This is largely due to the generally significant differences that can exist in the levels of Elongation/Elasticity and Strength of two or more different types of lines. Mixed mooring causes potentially serious safety hazard!
With the help of the ship design MBL and equipment number, the breaking loads of the mooring lines can be calculated. But many other factors also influence the selection of the optimal mooring line system. This is why it is crucial to take the time to identify and make a careful assessment of these variables, which include but are not limited to:
• In what waters/ports will the vessel be primarily active (what are the local facilities like, and what conditions are anticipated to be regularly encountered)?
• How often will the vessel berth and be moored?
• What type of equipment and components are found on board of the vessel (e. g. fairleads, bollards, winches, etc.)?
Also needing consideration are the special conditions that exist on board, which can have a potential effect on the rope service life and therefore will influence the selection of which lines to choose for the mooring systems. These special conditions may include factors such as any tight angles that the lines will be exposed to during use, or the effects that multi-purpose hawsers may have on the ropes.
When converting from a wire-based to a synthetic fiber based in mooring system, then special attention is required to ensure that all points that come into contact with the rope on the vessel must be smooth in order to prevent the rope from snagging and being damaged.

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